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or over 20 years the immigration laws, policies, and system
have been a controversial subject in our political discus-
sions. Although it is still unclear who the nominees will be,
it is certain that immigration will be an important issue in the
general election. This article broadly summarizes the positions
of each candidate.
Donald Trump
Trump rocketed to the top of the Republican pack, and one of
the issues he has repeatedly focused on is immigration. Beyond
building a wall on the Mexican border, here is a summary of his
On enforcement, Trump proposes to triple the number of
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents for
interior immigration law enforcement. This measure aims to
increase the number of agents tasked with carrying out deporta-
He would pay for the additional officers by eliminating tax
credit payments to illegal immigrants.
Trump proposes to car-
ry out his enforcement emphasis by deporting all criminal aliens.
Many people do not realize that the majority of countries around
the world refuse to accept back their citizens after being deported
for crimes in the U.S. Trump proposes to solve this by cancelling
all visas from those countries until they accept such deportees. In
addition, Trump would penalize any cities that refuse to cooper-
ate with immigration enforcement by cutting off federal grants.
Finally, Trump would criminalize staying past the expiration of
one’s visa and make it a separate crime to commit a crime while
here illegally.
Trump’s nationalistic focus is exemplified in his legal immigra-
tion approach. Trump has mentioned he would make the E-verify
program nationwide. Since it is already a nationwide program, he
likely really means that every employer will have to comply and
participate in it. Trump would drastically change the H-1B
gram for specialty occupation workers. He would mandate that
wages paid to such workers be increased in an effort to encourage
employers to hire American citizens for entry-level positions. In
addition, Trump proposes to mandate that before a company could
use an H-1B, they prove that are trying to hire American first.
This could essentially terminate the H-1B program and convert
it to the employment based permanent immigration categories,
which already have such requirements. In addition, Trump pro-
poses to terminate the J-1
exchange program and instead replace
it with a jobs bank for inner city youth. He would also require
that immigrants coming to the U.S. certify that they can pay for
their own housing, healthcare, and other needs before they can
enter the United States. Permanent immigrants already do this,
but Trump wants to expand this to everyone, even though non-
immigrants are not eligible for such public assistance other than
in emergency situations for healthcare. Trump would also make
it even harder for refugees to come, and instead would spend the
money on placing American children without parents in safer
homes and communities.
Hillary Clinton
Clinton speaks in broad generalities regarding immigration
policies. She has stated she would fight for Comprehensive Im-
migration Reform (CIR) and would continue President Obama’s
executive actions. Clinton would target enforcement on those who
are a violent threat, and work to give refugees seeking asylum a
fair chance to tell their stories. She proposes to end the for-profit,
private detention centers and the detention of families. In addi-
tion, she would work to allow anyone to buy into the Obamacare
exchanges, regardless of immigration status. Finally, she would
prioritize making naturalization easier and more affordable.
Bernie Sanders
Sanders is focused on protecting workers and families. He pro-
poses to allow people to regularize their status rather than trying
to remove everyone. Thus, like Clinton, he would expand the use of
executive action. In addition, Sanders would expand the parole-in-
program to include undocumented relatives of citizens and
lawful permanent residents, as well as relatives who came legally,
but then fell out of legal status. Sanders proposes to use Human-
itarian Parole
to reunite families of those immigrants who have
been deported. This combination could likely grant status and
protection to all but those aliens who have committed violent
crimes or are deemed security threats. For permanent solutions
to the undocumented population, Sanders proposes comprehen-
By Bryan Scott Hicks
Sound and Fury
Immigration Policies of the Presidential Candidates
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