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is going to be a year of change at the Cincin-
nati Bar Association. As you no doubt have
heard, our executive director of more than
1 years, John Norwine, is retiring. These will be large shoes to fill.
I have been to leadership conferences and metro bar conferences
and let me tell you—John is considered a rock star at these events.
So I hope you take time, the next time you see John, to thank him
for a job very well done and for all the hard work over the years,
because our Bar association is in better shape than many, if not
most associations.
2016 rings in the
20th year of our Cin-
cinnati Academy of
Leadership for Law-
yers (CALL). It is one
of the first of its kind
in the country and it
has been mimicked
by other associations
and nonprofits. And it should not surprise anyone that it has been
a tremendous success. There have been a lot of fingerprints on it
since its inception, but in particular, it was Michael Neumark’s
conception, has the very capable Lisa McPherson as its steward,
and Judge Tim Black as its “godfather.” As with most endeavors,
it is the people that make the program, and the steering commit-
tee over the years has been terrific. There is an event to celebrate
CALL’s 20th anniversary on Wednesday, September 21—so save
the date. It will be a night to remember!
Your board, along with the staff, is hard at work on the strate-
gic plan. There are three initiatives that are ongoing that should
bear some fruit in 2016: (1) a greater effort to collaborate with other
entities where we can find synergies; (2) a new effort to take bet-
ter advantage of our technology, in particular our outward-facing
communications, such as our website; and (3) a greater effort to
provide more value-add to members ages 30-45 who are no lon-
ger considered young lawyers, and are absolutely central to the
CBA’s future.
By Douglas R. Dennis
I want to hear from you. I want your great ideas,
your criticisms, your thoughts on what you like
and don’t like, on what your experiences have been
and what you hope your experiences will be.
These efforts will not detract from the many things we al-
ready do. Please consider joining one of our practice groups,
or one of our interest groups, such as the Women’s Initiative or
LGBT group. Consider our friends at the BLAC as we partner with
them in the Roundtable. Consider our CLE offerings, our Bench
Bar Conference, our Senior Lawyers Luncheon and our many
opportunities to connect with other attorneys. Consider our
Young Lawyer Section and the tremendous work that they do. Or
even just help themwith one of their myriad of community service
projects. You may not know it, but the energy that they provide
to the association is prac-
tically boundless.
My personal favor-
ite event every year is the
Run for Kids. It is a family
event, a picnic, and a cele-
bration that raises money
for an important cause,
ProKids, who tireless-
ly performs critical work for kids in very tough situations where
things like shelter and safety are uncertain. I love it because it com-
bines so many aspects of what makes our Bar association great and
brings so many fantastic people together each year. Save the date
for this year’s event on Aug. 5.
Finally, I’d like to thank you. This is your Bar association. I
hope you take advantage of its many offerings and take time to
engage with others in our legal community. I am available to you
via email (
, telephone (513) 651-6727, twitter
(@DougDennis41), or through communications sent to the CBA.
I want to hear from you. I want your great ideas, your criticisms,
your thoughts on what you like and don’t like, on what your ex-
periences have been and what you hope your experiences will be.
I want your questions, too. We are here to serve you and we will
do so to the best of our ability.
Dennis is the 2016-2017 president of the Cincinnati Bar Association.
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