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attorney today, Dennis will be the first to
tell you he’s learned a lot along the way. He
said the most impactful moment of his le-
gal career was, “When I got trounced in a
case in Marietta, Ohio. I learned a heck
of a lot more from that experience than
any of the times I have won or lost since.”
The lesson: “I learned that it is more about
the story we present at trial and less about
whether we are technically right.”
He’s also had many great mentors, cit-
ing his mom Connie McCormick, his First
Army Unit Executive Officer Russ Hall,
and Frost Brown Todd colleague Beth
Naylor as three. “They’re all totally differ-
ent people who share one key trait, which
is to always do the harder “right thing”
over the easier “wrong thing” whatever
the personal consequences. Great philos-
ophy—hard to always do it, but I try to live
up to their example!”
Commitment to
Dennis has been involved
with community service most
of his life. And most of his ser-
vice commitments revolve
around the legal communi-
ty. At the CBA, he has been
involved with numerous com-
mittees and groups including
CLE, membership, CALL, and
professionalism. He is on the
Ohio Supreme Court Com-
mission on Professionalism and
has chaired their mentoring committee,
been a member of the writing committee,
and been a member of the Supreme Court
Biannual Symposium Committee. He is
also on the University of Cincinnati Law
Board of Visitors and has done work with
Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians
and Gays (PFLAG), and the Gay, Lesbi-
an and Straight Education
Network (GLSEN). Dennis
was recognized for his work
in 2012 when he received
the Distinguished Service
Award from University of
Cincinnati Law Review.
Baseball and
Dennis is a huge baseball
fan. His seat is always warm
at t he stad ium as he at-
tends about 25 Reds games a year. He also
writes the Bullpen Buyers Guide column
for and has had arti-
cles featured in Baseball Forecaster, USA
Today, Sports Weekly, and to
name a few. He even worked for the St.
Louis Cardinals for a couple years assisting
them with player analysis. And although
he loves the game, he doesn’t have a ton of
baseball cards, which stems from a slight-
ly sticky story from his youth. He and his
younger brother used to save their mon-
ey and go in on a pack of baseball cards
as soon as they had enough. Because they
were splitting the pack, his brother would
take the cards and Dennis would always
take the gum. He laughed, “Now he has
this great collection of cards and I have
nothing to show for it.” And knowing
Dennis, you’d think he took the short end
of the stick because he’s a nice guy, but ac-
cording to him, “I just like gum.”
The Dennis File
wife, Kate, and two children, Lindsay, a senior at Emory University,
and Richard, a junior at Kenyon College.
B.S., West Point, J.D. University of Cincinnati College of Law
Frost Brown Todd, Litigation Department
Baseball 24/7
Favorite Quote:
“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is
to trust them.” Often said to him by his father, only to find out much later
that he borrowed it from Ernest Hemmingway.
Dennis photo bombs Supreme Court of Ohio Secretary for
the Commission on Professionalism Lori Keating and CBA
Assistant Counsel Maria Palermo at a recent CBA event.
Fun seems to follow Dennis during his photo shoot.
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