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Member Focus
His involvement in the CBA started
when a former CBA employee asked him
to join a small group of CBAmembers who
were in charge of putting on the inaugural
Run for Kids. It was such a positive expe-
rience that his involvement kept growing
from there. And the Superhero Run for
Kids benefitting ProKids remains his fa-
vorite event of the year. (Save the date for
the run this year on Aug. 5!) Communi-
ty service events and interest and practice
groups are great ways to get involved in
the CBA, and in whatever way you decide
to do so, Dennis would encourage you to
just get involved. “The list of fantastic peo-
ple that I have met through various parts
of the Bar is long and wonderful. I really
love being a part of something where ev-
eryone around me is energetic and great
and making a difference—not just for law-
yers but for the entire community.” He also
sees a lot of promise for the profession in
our community. “I am all about champi-
oning great young lawyers, and let me say,
Cincinnati’s future has never been bright-
er than it is right now—based just on the
rock star millennials that I know.”
In addition to accomplishing ini-
tiatives in the CBA’s strategic plan and
keeping members up-to-date about what’s
happening in our legal community, Den-
nis wants to be accessible. He wants to hear
from you and help make the most of your
CBA membership. You can reach him at
the phone number and email listed in the
President’s Brief on page four of the Re-
port or on Twitter @DougDennis41. Head
over to social media and help us welcome
the 125th president of the CBA with the
#WelcomePresidentDennis. Anecdotes,
well wishes, and photo bombs are encour-
aged, of course.
Yowell is the communications director for the CBA.
Thank you to the Cincinnati Museum Center for
providing the photo shoot location.
Dennis shows off his artistic side at the Cincinnati Museum Center.
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