Award Recipients

Themis Award

The Themis Award is the highest honor bestowed by the Cincinnati Bar Association for extraordinary service to law and the community.

Themis Award Recipients

Martha H. Perin (1990)
Hon. Gilbert Bettman (1992)
Harry Santen (1997)
Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III (2003)
Michael Neumark (2005)
Hon. Timothy S. Black (2009)
James L. Johnson (2013)

Trustees' Award

Since its inception in 1989, the Trustees' Award is presented to a CBA attorney member or members for outstanding service to the Cincinnati Bar Association, the legal profession and/or the general community. The recipient must display a high level of commitment, dedication or courage. The award recipients are selected by the CBA Awards Committee.

Trustees' Award Recipients

George A. Leonard (1989)
George H. Palmer (1989)
John S. Wirthlin (1989)
Roy Ketz (1991)
Hon. Raymond E. Shannon (1991)
Theodore M. Berry (1993)
Bea V. Larsen (1994)
Hon. Robert L. Black, Jr. (1995)
Hon. Nathaniel R. Jones (1995)
Barbara Schwartz Bromberg (1996)
Hon. Thomas C. Nurre (1996)
Milton M. Bloom (1998)
Michael W. Hawkins (1998)
Hon. William A. McClain (1999)
Bruce I. Petrie (2000)
John S. Stith (2000)
John A. Benjamin (2001)
Donald P. Klekamp (2001)
Timothy A. Garry (2002)
Hon. Robert H. Gorman (2002)
James H . Coogan (2004)
John L. Muething (2006)
Paul H. Tobias (2007)
Barbara G. Watts (2007)
Daniel J. Hoffheimer (2008)
Barbara J. Howard (2010)
Patrick J. Garry (2011)
William R. Graf (2011)
Richard M. Goehler (posthumously, 2012)
Robert G. Stachler (2012)

John P. Kiely Professionalism Award

The John P. Kiely Professionalism Award recognizes a trial lawyer for possessing outstanding trial skills and demonstrating the highest degree of professionalism, civility and ethical standards in his or her daily practice. This annual award is presented by the Professionalism Committee of the CBA in honor of attorney John P. Kiely.

Professionalism Award Recipients

Leo Breslin (posthumously, 2001)
Robert L. Davis (2002)
Thomas S. Calder (2003)
Ralph Mitchell (2004)
James L. O'Connell (2005)
Gates T. Richards (2006)
Bea V. Larsen (2007)
James R. Adams (2008)
Robert F. Laufman (2009)
David Winchester Peck (2010)
Kathleen M. Brinkman (2011)
Louis F. Gilligan (2012)
Gerald J. Rapien (2013)

John W. Warrington Community Service Award

The John W. Warrington Community Service Award recognizes a CBA attorney member or members who have performed extraordinary volunteer service to our community. This annual award is funded through a donation to the Cincinnati Bar Foundation by the law firm of Graydon Head & Ritchey, and the award recipient is selected by the Community Service Board Committee of the CBA in honor of attorney John W. Warrington.

Community Service Award Recipients

Robert W. Buechner (1997)
Hon. Robert L. Black, Jr. (1998)
Scott E. Knox (1999)
Beth A. Myers (1999)
Peter J. Strauss (2000)
Harris K. Weston (2001)
John W. Beatty (2002)
Charles M. Meyer (2003)
Dennis J. Barron (2004)
John D. Luken (2004)
H.C. Buck Niehoff (2005)
Richard T. LaJeuness (2006)
Robert E. Rich (2007)
John G. Slauson (2007)
Kent Wellington (2008)
Joanne Wissman Glass (2009)
William E. Santen (2010)
Michael W. Hawkins (2011)
Gerald H. Green (2012)
David K. Montgomery (2013)

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement in Law Award is presented by the Cincinnati Bar Foundation for 50 years of exemplary service as a lawyer. Through his or her distinguished career, the honoree reflects the highest principles and traditions of the legal profession.

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Reuven J. Katz (1999)
J. Mack Swigert (2000)
John L. Muething (2003)
Powell McHenry (2004)
Bea V. Larsen (2005)
R. O. Klausmeyer (2006)
Donald P. Klekamp (2007)
John (Jack) A. Benjamin (2008)
Harry H. Santen (2009)
Hon. William A. McClain (2010)
Thomas S. Calder (2011)
Jerome S. Teller (2012)

Volunteer Lawyer of the Year

The Volunteer Lawyers for the Poor Foundation established the Volunteer Lawyer of the Year Award to honor outstanding work done on behalf of low-income clients and to recognize commitment to the mission of the Volunteer Lawyers Project. 

Volunteer Lawyer of the Year Award Recipients

Harry Santen (1982)
Peter Thompson (1983)
John Norwine (1984)
Cathy Cook (1985)
Lewis Seiler (1986)
Margaret Reis, Margaret Stigler (1987)
Terry Weber (1988)
Stan Hirtle (1989)
Mike Walton (1990)
Robert Owens (1991)
Julia Sears (1992)
Steve Cohen (1993)
Bob Cloud, Francis McCune (1994)
Stacie Seiler, Binem Dizenhuz (1995)
Tom Gaier (1996)
Edmund J. Adams, Douglas Halpert (1997)
Steven D. Knittle (1998)
Michael A. Roberts (1999)
Rose Ann Fleming (2000)
Randolph Freking (2001)
Edward G. Marks (2002)
Eric D. Bender (2003)
Thomas L. Cuni (2004)
Benjamin, Yocum & Heather (2005)
Andrew M. Kaplan (2006)
John W. Eilers (2007)
Janet E. Pecquet (2008)
Alan H. Abes (2009)
Mary M. Sherman (2010)
James R. Barton (2011)
D’Anne and Richard Uhle, Jr. (2012)


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