Resumes are a reflection of the skills and accomplishments that you bring to the employer.  An effective resume will focus on what has changed as a result of your work for the organization.  You should include all positions that you held while a law student.  Note that this information may be expanded or contracted based on the position.  Highlight how you took ownership of assignments, interacted with clients, learned new skills related to client services. 

If you worked prior to law school, your resume should share the skills that may be related to the practice of law, including research, client/customer interaction, presentations and relevant computer skills.  View your resume from the potential employer’s perspective to determine how easy is it to read, and how clear the message. 

As a new attorney, you may also include information on coursework and writing projects that may relate to the position.  Including your technology skill, both your understanding of research and your experience with a range of products including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, may positively impact the employer’s view of  what you may contribute to the law firm or organization.

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