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To encourage and facilitate CBA member participation in community service activities, connecting CBA members with opportunities for giving back to the Greater Cincinnati Community.

Action Plan: To further its mission, the CBA Community Service Committee shall: (1) continually seek information from local charitable and service organizations about their goals, plans, and needs; (2) periodically publish notice and information to CBA members of community service opportunities; (3) recognize past service done by CBA members; (4) identify and sponsor service opportunities that could best benefit from the formal support of the committee and the CBA.

A Message from the Chair

Santina O. Vanzant

“Welcome to the Community Service Committee Web Page.   It is truly an honor to be able to serve as Chair of this wonderful committee.  One of the greatest benefits of being involved in the Community Service Committee has been the opportunity to see firsthand all of the admirable things that the many charitable organizations in our community are doing to meet the myriad needs of the people of Greater Cincinnati.  From helping people move from homelessness to home ownership, or helping those struggling to overcome addiction become healthy and productive members of our community, to helping the chronically unemployed move into the workforce - being involved in the Community Service Committee has allowed me the opportunity to see up close the tremendous work the many charitable organizations in our community are doing to help those in need.  Even more importantly, our committee has been able to share our experiences with the CBA membership and afford attorneys an opportunity to support the good work of these agencies by donating their time, talent, and treasure.

Service on the Committee has also afforded me the opportunity to see all of the good work that members of the CBA are already doing to help give back to our Community. Each year, members of the Committee have the privilege of being able to recognize the outstanding community service of a CBA member with the presentation of the Warrington Award at the CBA Annual Meeting.  The opportunity to review the dedication and commitment of the nominees for this award each year is truly inspiring. 

I look forward to being able to continue my involvement in this committee as its Chair and welcome your involvement.  Please contact LaDonna Wallace Smith, CBA Director of Community Engagement at 513-699-1392 or for more information about getting involved.”

Santina O. Vanzant - Union Savings Bank

John W. Warrington Community Service Award

This award recognizes a CBA attorney member or members who have performed extraordinary volunteer service to our community.  The award recipient is selected by the Community Service  Committee of the CBA in honor of attorney John W. Warrington.  Deadline for the 2018 award is December 11, 2017. 

Nominate a Member Attorney (electronic form)

Nomination Form, Criteria and Past Award Recipients (pdf)

Learn more about the community organizations in which our committee has recently visited or worked with.

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