Ethics & Professional Responsibility


The Committee strives to assist attorneys in the Cincinnati metropolitan area in understanding and interpreting their obligations under the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct. The Committee endeavors to achieve this goal by various activities, including staffing an Ethics Hotline with committee members available to respond to ethics inquiries and by participation of its members in continuing education seminars focusing on ethics and professional responsibility.

A Message from the Chair

Carl J. Stich, Jr.

"The legal profession is a job many attorneys will tell you doesn't get easier over time. One reason is attorneys are required to follow a code of ethical behavior, in Ohio set forth in the Rules of Professional Conduct. Young attorneys in particular quickly realize the facts they face are not those of the neat and tidy law school hypotheticals. The purpose of the Ethics Committee is to help all attorneys identify and address ethical issues that arise in their practice. While the Committee offers informal written opinions and provides speakers for seminars, the most effective service is the Committee's Ethics Hotline. Each month two Committee members are available to help attorneys analyze ethical issues under the Rules of Professional Conduct. Committee members cover many specialized areas as well as general practice, as such no attorney should hesitate to contact the Hotline when a potential ethical issue arises. The Ethics Hot Line attorneys on duty are listed on the CBA website (click the link below next to the red phone) and in the monthly CBA Report, or can be found by contacting the CBA at 381-8213."

Carl J. Stich, Jr. - White Getgey & Meyer Co. LPA
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