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The mission of this committee, created in 2012, is to promote attor­ney well-being by providing education, peer-to-peer support and resources to attorneys and law students in the areas of mental health, emotional balance, stress management (including physical manifestations of stress) and addiction.

A Message from the Chair

Tabitha M. Hochscheid

“The Health and Well-Being Committee was created by the Bar Association in January 2012 to address the needs of attorneys as they struggle to live life in balanced manner amid the pressure and stress of the practice of law. The Committee is comprised of attorney members of the CBA as well as an advisory panel of local Healthcare professionals. The mission of the Committee is promote attorney well-being by providing education, peer-to-peer support and resources to attorneys and law students in the areas of mental health, emotional balance, stress management (including physical manifestations of stress) and addiction. The Committee's work product includes its monthly Balanced Living column in the CBA Report (three years and running - read past articles at the archive below) and its quarterly Balanced Living Lecture Series (check out past lectures at the archive below). Our meetings are the first Monday of every month and we are always interested in people who would like to contribute time and energy to improve the daily lives of attorneys.

I welcome your support of the committee's work through a donation to the Kenneth D. Jameson Health and Well-Being Fund of the Cincinnati Bar Foundation."

Tabitha M. Hochscheid - Hochscheid & Associates LLC

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CBA Report Articles from Balanced Living Series

Check out the Health and Well-Being Committee's latest articles in the CBA Report below.

December 2017: Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season
November 2017: Creating a Self-care Plan
September 2017: Strong Mind, Strong Body
August 2017: Seeking Balance and Fulfillment as a New Attorney and Beyond
July 2017: Addressing Stress
June 2017: Awareness Through Meditation
May 2017: Reduce Insomnia by Reducing Stress
April 2017: Manage Clients to Manage Stress
March 2017: Letting Your Work Drive Your Passion
February 2017: Derailing Stress
January 2017: Redefining Your Relationship with Stress
December 2016: Get Happier and Healthier Through Love
November 2016: The Path to a Rewarding Life in Law Starts with Self-Reflection
October 2016: Books and Breakfast with the Buechners
September 2016: Physical Therapy Could Be the Answer to a Healthy Future - Excercise Can Be Fun
August 2016: Are You Investing Wisely in Your Most Valuable Asset?
July 2016: What's Eating You
June 2016: Busting Fitness Fads
May 2016: Fitness Fads
April 2016: What is Integrative Medicine?
March 2016: Mindfulness and Stress Management From a Layman's Perspective
February 2016: Lighten Up: Balancing Parenting and Legal Work/a>
January 2016: Connecting Passion and Purpose in Life and Law
December 2015: Finding Fitness
November 2015: Cultivating Wellness
October 2015: Legally Mindful
September 2015: Making a Difference Through Suicide Prevention
August 2015: Managing Stress to Be Your Best
July 2015: Vacation Weight Gain Is Not Inevitable
June 2015: The Truths Behind the Myths
May 2015: Popular Fitness Myths
April 2015: Positive Psychology for Enhanced Performance
March 2015: Insights Into Alcoholism
February 2015: Working Through Conflict
January 2015: New Year, New Foods = New You!
December 2014: Welcome New Lawyers
November 2014: My Winning Season: Becoming A Champion For Urban Youth
October 2014: Catching Up With the Health and Well Being Committee
September 2014: The Suicide of a Lawyer with Depression — Ken's Story
August 2014: Optimizing the Attorney: Defending your Performance through Breath and Posture
July 2014: The Challenges of Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease
June 2014: Sticking to Your Fitness Program: Part 2
May 2014: Sticking to Your Fitness Program
April 2014: Essentials for Eating to Live
March 2014: Reflections on the Grieving Process
February 2014: Is it Time for a Health and Well Being Check-up?
January 2014: When Trust Beneficiaries Have Substance Abuse Problems
December 2013:  Life Happens: Responding to the Unexpected
November 2013: Mindful Meditation: What it offers for the professional
October 2013:Out of the Shadows: Depression in the Legal Profession
September 2013:Health and Well Being Committee Marks its Second Year
August 2013:Retirement Serenity: Reality or Fiction
July 2013: Why I Teach
June, 2013: Finding a Mentor
May, 2013: How to Make Fit Fit
April, 2013: NAMI of Hamilton County: Education, Support, Advocacy
March, 2013: Living Life on a Balanced Basis
February, 2013: The Life of Frank Marnell
January, 2013: Starting a Fitness Program: Sound Body, Sound Mind
December, 2012: Changing the Way We Relate to Stress and the Practice of Law
November, 2012: What is Good Treatment for Depression and How to Find It.
October, 2012: Suicide is Preventable
September, 2012: Are You Depressed? and The Balancing Act: A Lawyer's Challenge
August, 2012: Preventing Stress and Burnout
July, 2012: Mental Health: OLAP Can Help
June, 2012: Dodging Second Darts
May, 2012: CBA Forms New Committee Focused on Attorney Health and Well-Being


Video Archive from Balanced Living Lecture Series

Click the links below to view programs from the committee’s Balanced Living Lecture Series.

Meditating in the 21st Century, June 27, 2017

Letting Your Work Drive Your Passion and Purpose, March 24, 2017

Chasing the Illusory Goog Night's Sleep, September 13, 2016

Making Fit FIT: Busting Fitness Fads, June 17, 2016

Connecting Passion and Purpose in Law and Life, February 12, 2016

Cultivating Wellness Using Mindfulness Meditation, November 6, 2015

Under Pressure? Advice on Thriving Amidst Stress & Life's Other Realities, August 21, 2015

How to Make Fit FIT: Debunking Exercise Myths, June 5, 2015

Your Health: It's the Heart of the Matter, February 3, 2015

Just Breathe: Optimizing the Attorney through Breath & Posture, September 12, 2014

How to Make Fit FIT: Sticking to It, May 30, 2014

A Good Night's Sleep: Why You Need It & How to Get It,  February 26, 2014

Making Your Moments Count the Mindful Attorney: Reducing Stress & Enhancing Your Work, November 18, 2013

Eat to Live, August 2, 2013

How to Make Fit FIT, May 17, 2013


ABA Mental Health Resources

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Committee Chair Tabitha Hochscheid's Blog: Balancing the Bar

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Editorial Follow-Up: Why Lawyers are Prone to Suicide

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Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program: There's help for lawyers who suffer from mental illness

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