Aviation & Space Law


The goal of the Aviation and Space Law Committee is to bring together aviation enthusiasts from different professions, foster continued legal education, and facilitate dialogue about the latest in aviation. Greater Cincinnati has an established and rapidly expanding aviation community, which offers an opportunity for us to bring people together to discuss our passion for all things aviation. 

A Message from the Chair

Kerry Ann Bute

The Aviation and Space Law Committee meets four times a year to discuss new developments in aviation law. Each of our meetings will be approved for Ohio Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) credit. As a result, CBA members can obtain 1.0 hour of CLE credit for a small fee. If you do not wish to obtain CLE credit, simply join the committee at no cost and attend for free! We will feature presentations from local and national experts in their fields who will educate and engage the committee on topics of broad interest. We look forward to regular participation from non-attorneys with extensive experience in all realms of the aviation industry. In 2016, each of our presentations will be hosted at the University Club of Cincinnati. This historic and prestigious venue offers a convenient and unique location which can meet the committee’s technical and business needs. If you have any questions about attending the committee’s presentations or to learn more about the committee and the programs offered, please contact our Chairwoman.

Kerry A. Bute - Chairwoman

Kerry Ann Bute - Montgomery Rennie & Jonson A Legal Professional Association
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