The purpose of the Bankruptcy Committee is to promote the Association within the field of bankruptcy and commercial law. The section regularly schedules and conducts educational programs for the members of the section and all members of the Association, monitors legislative and judicial developments relevant to bankruptcy and commercial law, forms liaison relationships with the judicial benches and relays all relevant information to members of the section.

A Message from the Chair

Brian D. Flick

The Bankruptcy Committee meets monthly to exchange ideas on recent developments, and to make sure that the members of the bar are familiar with each other. We feature appearances from our local judges on a regular basis, and speakers from the other divisions of the Southern District of Ohio. We are also proud that we have regular participation from all corners of our practice – debtors’ counsel and creditors’ counsel, with solo attorneys as well as members of firms of all sizes attending our meetings. We welcome guests who would like to find out more, and often feature speakers from other practice areas who come to discuss with the bankruptcy bar how developments in their specialties affect our practice. We meet at Noon on the third Tuesday of most months.

Brian D. Flick - The Dann Law Firm

Please note that Cincinnati’s Judicial Liaison Committee for bankruptcy practice has been replaced by the District-wide Attorney Advisory Committee.

Information about the Attorney Advisory Committee, including contacts, can be accessed on the Southern District of Ohio Bankruptcy Court’s website here.

May 16, 2017: Judicial Town Hall Meeting Questions and Discussion Topics

April 18, 2017: Ohio Mortgage Modification Mediation, Recent Loss Mitigation Developments

March 21, 2017: Minutes, Carter Property Divisions, Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Decision, Papa, et al. v. Bolera, Oaks Messer Rejected, Sixth Circuit Case Summaries

February 21, 2017: Minutes and Agenda

January 17, 2017: Minutes, Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Summary

November 15, 2016: Minutes, Sixth Circuit Case Summaries

October 18, 2016: Minutes, Sixth Circuit Case Summaries

September 20, 2016: MinutesORC 2329.071In re JacksonColumbus Dispatch Article, Business Insider ArticleLegislative Proposal for ORC 2716.13

July 19, 2016: Minutes, District Wide Class Cert Permitted, Inner City Properties, Taylor v. First Resolution


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