Practice & Interest Groups

These groups hold regular meetings to discuss current issues and developments in the named field of practice. Meetings may consist of a guest speaker, a special CLE presentation or case law updates. These groups also plan and present CLE seminars.

2017-2018 Leadership

Stephen L. Richey, Chair
Kenneth P. Coyne, Chair
Meredith H. Conner, Chair
Pierre H. Bergeron, Chair
Adam D. Colvin, Co-Chair
Timothy Michael Maloney, Co-Chair
Joshua R. Langdon, Chair
Kerry Ann Bute, Chair
Tabitha M. Hochscheid, Chair
Timothy A. Garry, Jr., Chair
Shawn R. Ryan, Chair
Bryan Scott Hicks, Chair
Matthew B. Lake, Chair
David Jahnke, Chair
Paul J. Linden, Chair
Andrew C. Emmert, Chair
William A. Posey, Chair
Nick Kowalski, Chair
David W. Kapor, Chair
Trista Portales Goldberg, Chair
Roccina S. Niehaus, Chair
Benjamin D. Cramer, Chair
Amy L. Kurlansky, Chair    
Loretta Marie Helfrich, Chair
Benjamin D. Cramer, Chair 
Nicole M. Hanna, Chair
E. Chase Dressman, Chair
Angela W. Chang, Chair
Faith C. Whittaker, Chair
Scott H. Kravetz, Chair
Julie M. Bruns, Chair
Mary K. Newman, Chair


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