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The Local Government Committee consists of lawyers who work with city, county and other local government entities, and lawyers whose practice brings them in contact with the public sector. The committee strives to provide opportunities for lawyers to learn about various government offices and the manner in which they provide services to its constituents. The committee provides opportunities for its members to network with public officials and other practitioners through monthly meetings and CLE seminars.

A Message from the Chair

Timothy A. Garry, Jr.

“The Local Government Law Committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month at noon. Our presentations center on various topics of interest to the public sector attorney including public records law, public employment issues, planning, zoning and development, urban renewal, eminent domain, economic development, public finance, contracting, prevailing wage, public utilities, Mayor's Court, and much more. The Committee meetings also allow members to get advice from other practitioners on current issues. I first became involved in the committee after I was a guest speaker. I became the Secretary of the Committee in 2010 and Chair in 2011. We welcome attorneys from all different backgrounds, whether you are a prosecutor, solicitor, or law director for any local jurisdiction or someone just interested in public sector law. When appropriate, the committee co-chairs events with other committees, so that our members may network with attorneys in similar fields of practice.”

Timothy A. Garry, Jr. - City of Norwood Law Dept.

Meeting Materials

November 2012 minutes
October 2012 minutes
September 2012 minutes
August 2012 minutes


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