Solo Small Firm Practitioners

A Message from the Chair

Benjamin D. Cramer

"The Solo/Small Firm Committee is a group of lawyers with a wide range of practice areas and interests.  This resource provides members exposure to business practices and areas of the law that they may not otherwise encounter.  We strive to formulate interesting and informative monthly meetings on the first Thursday of every month.  We also typically offer several opportunities for CLE throughout the year. The economy and increasing number of attorneys produces a challenging atmosphere for ""the little guy.""  But as solo/small firm practitioners, we have unique advantages with which we can enhance our success.  The committee's goal is to help you do just that.  Please contact me with suggestions for monthly speakers or ways to improve the committee."

Benjamin D. Cramer - Cramer Legal LLC

Committee Meeting Resources:

3/3/2016 Minutes

2/24/15 Inventory Attorney Program 

1/27/15 Patient Protection & The Affordable Care Act
Presented by David Stonehill, Esq.

4/23/14 Hamilton County Law Librarian Presentation
Presented by Mary Jenkins, Law Librarian and Director

3/13/14- Ethical Issue in Online Branding
Presented by Jack Greiner, Esq. and Krista Neher, CEO, Boot Camp Digital

2/27/13 - Everything You Wanted to Know About Domestic Relations But Were Afraid to Ask
Presented by Randal Bloch, Esq.

11/29/12 - Refer Your Client to an Employment Lawyer?
Presented by Tod Thompson, Esq.

10/24/12 - Overview of the Ohio Workers' Compensation and Related Areas of Law
Presented by Gregory Bellman, Esq.

6/27/12 - Succession and Retirement Planning for Small Firm and Solo Practitioners
presented by Tom Cuni, Esq.

4/25/12 - Legal Malpractice Can Happen to You! Ignore It at Your Own Peril
presented by William M. Gustavson, Esq.

2/22/12 - Applying Emotional Intelligence to Your Negotiation Style
presented by Bea V. Larsen

12/6/11 - Shred the Paper, Dump the Briefcase, and Grab the iPad
presented by Andrew Baker, Esq.

10/28/11 - Opening Statements
Presented by Marc Pera, Esq.

9/28/11 - Law Practice Management Software: Choosing the Right Software for Your Practice
Presented by Benjamin Cramer, Esq.


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