YLS E-News - July 2012

This Month's Articles:

Community Involvement Through Professionalism
by Jason Abeln, YLS Chair-Elect

Your Young Lawyers Section provides numerous and varied opportunities to become involved in your community in unique and rewarding ways.  Most of us usually participate in this “traditional” community involvement from time to time; a weekend here; a weeknight there.  But what about community involvement on a daily basis?  What can every overworked attorney possibly do on a daily basis to be involved in the community and still meet the day’s demands?  Fortunately, the legal profession lends itself to accomplishing this lofty goal. 

The very nature of our work necessitates interaction with our community.  Our clients and fellow attorneys are our community.  And interacting with them provides countless daily opportunities to build a stronger community through positive interactions.  And hey, the Rules of Professional Conduct require attorneys to act with civility and professionalism anyway.  Case closed, right?  

The dichotomy between our ethical code and our duty to zealously represent our clients makes this easier said than done.  Unfortunately we most often meet our clients at low points in their lives.  And we confront our fellow attorneys most often on the field of battle, which is not particularly conducive to comradery.  Both induce high stress and contentiousness into the most basic of encounters. 

I do not pretend to have the answer to resolving this daily dilemma.  But I encourage everyone to be mindful of how our actions either build or detract from the community.  Be sensitive to your clients’ needs and emotions.  Clients are often merely looking for someone to listen to their plight, not provide answers and unrealistic expectations.  Leave the angst and theatrics in the courtroom.  Avoid personal attacks at all costs.  Your clients should enjoy their time with you.  And so should your opposing counsel.

Seem too hard to do?  The 2012 Olympics provide a ready example of healthy competition building a stronger community.  Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are the two preeminent swimmers in the world.  Both are  from the United States.  And both are competing for largely the same gold medals.  In the pool, they are fierce enemies.  Out of the pool, they are good friends.  Their relationship teaches us all that our friends provide us with the best motivation.  If your clients and your fellow attorneys are your friends, you will grow professionally and the community along with you.

Getting Ahead by Reaching Out
by Allison Minton, Business Development Director for Special Counsel

As attorneys, we are trained to think analytically and to know how to resolve any problem that arises. Of course, not all problems that arise can be solved with analytical thought, research and writing. For the past several years, our profession has been dealing with significant effects from the country’s economic crisis. If you don’t find yourself in your ideal job at the moment, use your training and abilities to put yourself in the best possible position, poised to take advantage when the market rebounds.  One of the best ways to put yourself in this position is by getting involved with the legal community. There are many proactive ways to get involved in addition to attending regularly sponsored CBA or YLS events.

Volunteer. There are endless opportunities for community involvement, even within the legal community. Volunteer events may be the best way to meet people outside of a typical networking situation. It allows others, even potential employers, to see you in a “working” environment and shows your concern for your local community. Making a connection in this environment is invaluable and you are helping out others. It’s a win-win.

Networking alone is not enough. If you are attending CBA and YLS events and other activities this is a great step towards branching out and making new connections. I would challenge you to make the most of these opportunities by following up with any new connections you made or even those with whom you reconnected. A quick lunch or coffee is a great way to stay current on opportunities about which you may not be aware.

Research and Reach Out. If there is a firm or company where you would love to work or someone out there doing the kind of work you would like to do, take the first step. In my opinion, a face to face meeting is much more beneficial than a phone call. Ask for twenty minutes of an individual’s time so that you can pick his or her brain about the industry. Not only is this a great learning experience, but oftentimes, firms and companies will never post a job opportunity because they use referrals from internal sources.

Find a Mentor. Not only can mentors help you find new opportunities for your career, but,  they can also provide some much needed wisdom, perspective, and encouragement. When speaking with your mentor ask them how they get involved in the community and push yourself to attend a different organization’s meeting or upcoming event. It is also great when you can invite your mentor to events or activities as well.

Get Involved with the YLS
by Christopher M. Ryan, YLS Community Service Co-Chair

The dog-days of summer are upon us, and with them come thoughts of beach vacations, days at the pool, and, of course our beloved Redlegs.  During these times, it is also important to think of the less fortunate, especially with the extreme heat we have been experiencing. 

The YLS Community Service Committee provides exciting opportunities to engage in hands-on experiences serving the community.  The 20th Annual YLS Nast Trinity Community Dinner is a great way to help approximately 400 Over-the-Rhine residents by serving them a delicious meal.  The satisfaction of helping people in need and seeing the smiles on their faces is truly an unparalleled experience.  We invite all members of the CBA, friends and family to join us at Nast Trinity Church on Sunday, August 19, from 3:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Please register for this event by visiting www.cincybar.org and clicking on the event from the CBA events calendar.  If you are unable to attend this event there are other great community service opportunities. 

Please stop by the YLS Community Service Committee meetings held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  The next meeting is July 17 from 12 to 1 p.m. at the Cincinnati Bar Association.  We will be discussing all upcoming events including Bring It on Game Night with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati.  This is a fun evening of playing board games, video games and sports with the children of the Boys and Girls Club.  The YLS Community Service Committee is always looking for members interested in leadership roles and joining the committee provides a great way to give back to the community and interact with other young lawyers. 

Member Outreach and Professional Development
by Chris Hollon, YLS Membership Co-Chair

In the coming months, members of the Membership Committee of the Young Lawyers Section will focus our attention on more than just encouraging active participation in the Cincinnati Bar Association.  We will also be working to foster meaningful and lasting relationships with the community at large. 

For instance, this September we will host David Ginsburg, president and chief executive officer of Downtown Cincinnati, Inc. Mr. Ginsburg will spotlight his organization's fascinating work, as well as the latest developments from our city's dynamic core.  There may even be some trivia!  This event will be a great opportunity to learn more about the Queen City--whether you are new to town or have lived here all of your life--and ways to become an active member of the community.  

Also this year, the Membership Committee is looking to team with other local young professional groups to provide inter-professional networking opportunities not only for business development, but also to strengthen the ties among the next generation of Cincinnati's leaders.  Keep a look out for these exciting upcoming events!

UC Law Engagement
by Alex Doyle, UC Law Liaison to the YLS Board

If you ask any University of Cincinnati Student Bar Association Executive Board member how they’ve been spending their summer, you would get an exciting response. The rising 2L and 3L leaders of the Student Bar Association at the University of Cincinnati have already had a busy summer planning the upcoming 2012-2013 activities and events calendar.

Many events are on the agenda, including a new alliance with the College of Medicine and a new monthly social; but whatever the activity, everything is sure to bring the community, practicing lawyers, and law students together.

New this year, the College of Medicine and the College of Law will join forces to raise money for a local charity through a competition called the “Dean’s Cup.” This first annual, week-long competition will include a wide range of events such as a euchre tournament, a flag football game, and a cook-off. It’s a brand new way for the College of Law and the College of Medicine to work closely together for a great cause.

Also, for the first time, UC’s Student Bar Association is planning an over-night retreat for its Executive Board in an effort to share ideas and develop bigger and better student programming. Traditionally, the Executive Board meets on campus during school hours, but the new SBA is eager to create new and exciting ideas for the school outside the walls of the law school.

Last but not least, a new take on the phrase “Bar Review” has been instituted at the College of Law. The school is excited to introduce its first ever “Bar Review Happy Hour;” a once-a-month happy hour with drink specials designed to serve as both a social outing and a networking opportunity for students and local lawyers. Stay tuned for more details and we hope to see the members of the Cincinnati Bar Association there!

City View
by Aisha Monem, Associate, Taft Stettinius & Hollister

If you’re a young professional looking to beat the heat in the Queen City and have some fun this July, look no further.  The following activities are entertaining enough to get you off of the couch and out of the air-conditioning— at least until you start to melt:

  1. YLS Night at the Reds—Friday, July 20.  See some new and familiar faces in the YLS and catch a Reds v. Brewers game.  The event starts off with a social at the Moerlein Lager House before the game.  Tickets are $13 a person; limited seating available, register on the CBA’s website online.
  2. Party in the Park—July 11, 18 and 25.  The outdoor concerts start at 5 p.m. every Wednesday and takes place down by the Ohio River near the Serpentine Wall.  Every party features a different band and drink specials are available.  If you’re looking for more thrills, there will also be 320-foot-long zip line this year.  Admission is free, zip line rides are $10.
  3. Freaky Friday Water Balloon Toss—July 20.  The toss starts at 12 p.m. on Fountain Square downtown and features a traditional distance challenge competition.  Last year, fifty teams competed and the top prize was tickets to The Beach Waterpark.  Admission is free.
  4. Beast Bash Dash—July 21.  Take your furry little friend across the river to Covington, KY to participate in a walk/run fundraiser for the Kenton County Animal Shelter and Kenton Paw Park.  The event begins at 8:30 a.m. and is followed by a host of dog-friendly activities including a pooch pool party.  Entry fee is $25 per dog if you pre-register; visit www.beastbash.com for more details.
  5. Local Band, Brew and BBQ—Fridays.  What summer would be complete without a boat ride featuring live, local music, craft beer from Christian Moerlein’s brewery and a BBQ buffet with BBQ chicken, brisket and pulled pork?  Admission $39.95, visit www.bbriverboats.com for more details.
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