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Social Media
by Melissa Moser

The use of social media is on the rise in the legal profession, according to the 2012 ABA Legal Technology Report.  In today’s highly competitive job market, one of the goals law students have while using social media to network is simply making connections.  Clint Copenhaver, a 3L at Chase College of Law, says, “The social media experience allows law students to turn what would otherwise be perfunctory meetings into real points of contact.  It allows students to foster a quick hello into a potential job offer.”

Students also use social media as a networking tool to market themselves so they are appealing to both potential future employers and clients.  When using social media to network, students must decide how they want to market themselves, create a professional persona, and vigilantly manage their online reputations.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all common social media outlets used by law students. 

Facebook is most commonly used by students to connect with other students.  It is unusual for a student to not be on Facebook.  Students use Facebook to find out about professors and classes, to share outlines and exchange books, to invite each other to school and networking events, and even to warn about traffic delays.  The drawback of Facebook is that students still use this outlet primarily as an expression of who they are in their social and personal lives, rather than their professional lives.  Students have increased their privacy settings on their accounts to make them less visible, and have even deactivated their accounts while job searching.

LinkedIn seems to be the most popular professional social media outlet.  Students use it to share and update their resumes, post articles relevant to their legal interests, and make connections.  Andrea Schild, a 3L at Chase, states that “Using LinkedIn is a good way to professionally keep tabs on classmates and professors.  I like that it shows job opportunities and has groups where you can network.”

Twitter is another way students use social media to network.  By following people who have similar interests in the law and by categorizing posts with hash tags, it is easy to keep informed of legal news while making contacts nation- or even world-wide.

Being a student in the age of social media makes connecting with others seem like second-nature, and using social media as a means to professionally network is a concept that is gaining momentum with law students.  Students are increasingly aware of the professional opportunities these social media outlets provide, and are making the leap from using these outlets as a personal expression to professionally market themselves and make connections.

Run for Kids: Winning for Everyone
by Sarah Sparks Herron

Every year for the past 16 years, YLS has supported the non-profit organization ProKids by organizing the “Run For Kids”, a fun run/walk. This event has been growing in recent years, and we are proud to report that the 2012 race was the best yet. This year our goal was to raise $20,000 for the first time in the history of the event. We smashed this milestone. The revenue generated for ProKids totaled over $24,000. Crunching the numbers a little more, in just the last three years, the “Run For Kids” has increased its revenue by well over 25%.

ProKids is a nonprofit organization that trains and supports CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteers to make a difference in the lives of our community’s abused and neglected children. For 31 years, these CASA volunteers, with the support of both a staff CASA Manager and an attorney, have advocated for the best interests of countless children. They have made sure that children are safe, that their needs are being met, and that they are moved quickly to permanent and nurturing homes. In 2011, ProKids served over 500 children with over 170 CASA volunteers here in the greater Cincinnati area.

Not only does the Run for Kids raise money for ProKids, but, it also raises awareness of this great non-profit. By strategically building the ProKids brand in the greater Cincinnati community, ProKids received a significant increase in CASA volunteers to help further support abused and neglected foster children throughout Hamilton County. What may seem like just a few extra bucks at a fun, family-friendly 5K in June, may actually be the positive change that affect’s a child’s life forever.

The Run for Kids subcommittee is always looking for additional volunteers. Our next meeting is October 24th at 8:30 a.m. at the CBA. We will be discussing ways to take the “Run For Kids” to the “next level”. Please consider attending the meeting and joining the subcommittee. If you have any questions please contact Pat Hayes at pdhayes@vorys.com.

Your Second Resume
by Allison Minton, Business Development Director, Special Counsel, Inc., Cincinnati

Job seekers often reach out for help when seeking advice on how to improve their resumes. While a resume is oftentimes a recruiter’s first impression of a candidate, many in house, law firm and agency recruiters also rely on social media when deciding whether or not to pursue a candidate.

LinkedIn and other social media sites have become a great tool for recruiters to narrow down a pool of candidates. After reviewing resumes, recruiters often turn to LinkedIn for supplemental information, including informal references. Many recruiters also post open positions on LinkedIn, either via an advertisement or within LinkedIn networking groups. Employers are often double checking the resume given to them against LinkedIn profiles and even Facebook, so it is important to make your profile as professional and accurate as your resume.

Like anything else, the value of LinkedIn and other such sites depends on the amount of time and effort you put into developing it. Making a habit of linking with people meet you meet at work and non-work functions can be an easy way to expand your network and have your profile appear in more searches. Make the most of these profiles by elaborating on achievements and specific experience, ask for recommendations on LinkedIn, and join groups. You don’t want to be passed over by a recruiter from a firm, corporate department or agency doing a search for possible candidates just because your profile is incomplete and you didn’t show up in their search results. In a time when recruiters are rethinking their use of social media to bring in new candidates, having a solid social media presence can be just as important as a resume when it comes to your next job search.

The Social Network . . . It’s not just an Internet thing
by Jason Abeln

Social networking.  It sounds new and exciting.  The wave of the future for developing business and personal relationships.  Truth is, though, its usage via the Internet is the only thing new about social networking.  And just because it is new, does not necessarily mean it is better.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc., are great tools.  But that is all they are; tools.  And for young lawyers looking for jobs and clients, they cannot replace some good old fashion face time.  No, not Apple’s iPhone video chat service.  I’m talking about real world, face to face interaction. 

We all feel good when we receive a “friend invite”.  But like most everything else in the cyber world, that feeling is fleeting.  Sit down and have a face to face conversation with another lawyer, business professional, or friend and that conversation creates lasting impressions and memories.  It is these experiences that pop back up over and over again and form the basis for genuine familiarity when it comes time to make your networking connections work for you.  Think about it.  Are you more likely to receive an interview because you’re Facebook friends with someone on the hiring committee, or because you’ve met and talked with that person at a few YLS Events? 

While Internet social media is a part of the daily lives of most young lawyers.  It is not so much for the more experienced members of the Bar.  And because they often hold the keys to the career doors we want to open, you must network with them, and network in a way that is familiar and comfortable for them.  That means getting out there.  Unplug from your computer and smartphone.  The YLS has countless social networking events throughout the year.  And thanks to your committed Cincinnati Bar Association Board members, YLS events provide great opportunities for vertical networking.

Link In With The YLS
by Ryan M. Martin (Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP) and Maggie M. Nestheide (Beth I. Silverman & Associates)

Now that you’ve become a social media/networking expert through reading the many helpful articles included in this and other editions of the YLS E-News, it is time to get involved and remain active on the YLS LinkedIn page. The Cincinnati Bar Association’s Young Lawyers' Section (YLS) Group on LinkedIn is a great place to have an open dialogue with other young lawyers, find out about upcoming YLS events and get more involved with the Cincinnati legal community. The group is open only to YLS committee members who have registered with the CBA. To register, visit www.cincybar.org. The group discusses current issues in the practice area, committee business, and provides information and links regarding upcoming YLS and CBA events. Not only does the YLS LinkedIn Group provide an opportunity to connect with other young lawyers via LinkedIn, it also notifies you of opportunities to engage in the face-to-face networking that continues to be essential in the development of any young lawyer's career.

Please take this opportunity to join the YLS LinkedIn group or – if you are already a member – create or respond to a post and become more involved. After all, this is YOUR YLS and YOUR legal community. Be active. Stay active.

City View
by Aisha Monem

To some, “networking” is a dirty word synonymous with a lot of forced smiling, awkward handshakes and banal conversations.  However, if done properly and with the right perspective, networking can make a world of difference in your personal and professional life.  After all, at its base, networking is all about making connections, making friendships and building the circle of people whom you know and trust. 

So the next time you find yourself dreading going to an upcoming networking event, try to think of it as an opportunity to make some new friends and open yourself up to—dare I say it?—the possibility of having some fun (and a cocktail) in the process.  And if you ever feel yourself at a loss for words during a conversation, try asking your new acquaintance a question about how they most enjoy spending their free time or how they got involved in their current position.  People like it when others ask questions and show a genuine interest in them.  Also, as Stacy Cole mentioned in her “Networking Tips from a Non-Pro” article in the October 2012 CBA Report, don’t be afraid to talk about your hobbies and interests because you never know what you might end up having in common with someone.

Now with that pep talk in mind, here are some upcoming networking events in Cincinnati for you to consider:

  1. Women Lawyers Lollipop Concert—November 10.  Go out with the Women Lawyers Committee for a Cincinnati Pops Lollipop Concert Barnyard Serenade starting at 9:30a.m at Music Hall.  Includes concert, doughnuts, drinks, and activities.  Register at www.cincybar.org
  2. Forty MinutesNovember 15.  Join the Courier's Forty Under 40 alumni and enjoy great networking, food and drink at the Metropolitan Club.  You will also have the opportunity to hear "Forty Minutes" with Brent Messmer, member of the 2008 Forty Under 40 class, and President/CEO of The Matrix Companies.  Event lasts from 5:30-730pm, for more information contact Joe Hoffecker at jhoffecker@bizjournals.com.
  3. YLS Community Service Meeting—November 20.  Join the CBA Young Lawyers Section at the Cincinnati Bar Center on Sixth Street downtown at noon for their Community Service Meeting to find out how you can give back.  Register at www.cincybar.org
  4. Linked In Workshop – Build, Connect and Grow your Practice—November 29. Join the YLS Committee for the Linked In Workshop. Speaker Peggy Gruenke, COO Godbey & Associates, will discuss how to build, connect and grow your practice. Social event to follow. Register at www.cincybar.org
  5. Cincinnati Labor & Employment Law Annual Update—November 30.  Labor and Employment Law event hosted by Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP at the Cintas Center at Xavier University.  Mingle with guests from various industries and fields.  Registration begins at 8:30am; event lasts from 9am to 12:30pm and is free.  CLE credits are also available.


For more information on the above events, please visit:  http://cincinnatinetworkingevents.com/.

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