I have filed for Social Security Disability, but haven’t heard anything for months. Should I contact an attorney?

By Stephen H. Olden, Lawyer Referral Service Panelist

At the time of filing the application, a file is opened for the individual requesting SSD (or SSI) benefits.  Once Social Security opens a file, it is then sent to the corresponding state agency for review. The Social Security Administration has partnerships with each of the 50 states who take on the task of evaluating the claim for SSD or SSI benefits at this early stage of the process. This often includes gathering information from hospitals and doctors, finding medical records, and asking for further information from the claimant.  A physician then will review the data for Social Security and the decision is made.  Altogether, this process typically takes between four and five months. 

If you are originally denied for SSD or SSI, it would be beneficial to consult an attorney before filing an appeal.

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