Who evaluates medical and financial/legal eligibility for SSI/SSD?

By Stephen H. Olden, Lawyer Referral Service Panelist

The state agency in Ohio called the Division of Disability Determination makes the initial determination of medical disability.  It also decides any financial or legal issues that may affect eligibility, particularly on SSI claims where the family resources and income are considered.

To be legally eligible for SSD benefits, you must have 20 quarters of work coverage in the last 40 quarters.  This equates to approximately five of the last ten years.  Work quarter credits do expire, so if you’ve worked for 30 years, but none or only a few in the past ten years, you would not be eligible for SSD.  You could still seek SSI benefits though.

If you are told by the SSD office that you do not have enough quarters of work, but you have worked five or more of the last ten years, now would be a good time to contact an attorney to help evaluate your options.

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