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What can I do if my landlord won’t return my deposit?

Your landlord is required to return your security deposit to you within 30 days of the termination of the rental agreement. Continue reading

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Do I need the consent of the father of my abandoned child for him/her to be adoped by another man?

If the father has taken certain legal steps to establish paternity, then you would need to show that he has only had minimal contact with the child or failed to support the child for one year. Continue reading

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What is an expungement? Can my record be expunged?

The ability to have a record expunged depends on a variety of factors, including the type of crime you were convicted of and whether or not the crime is your first and only offense. Continue reading

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If I am a victim of a crime, can I file a lawsuit?

It is very rare for a civil suit to also be filed for most criminal matters simply because most criminals don’t have financial resources. Continue reading

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I was in a car accident. Can I pay money to the other person?

Don’t offer the other side payment unless your own lawyer recommends that you do so. Continue reading

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What are the remedies and damages for a breach of contract?

The most prevalent remedy for a breach of contract is to require the party who breached the contract to pay damages to the non-breaching party, but there are other remedies/damages as well. Continue reading

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Are written contracts better than oral contracts?

Written contracts are preferred over oral contracts. Ohio law requires that certain types of contracts must be in writing. Continue reading

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How do written and oral contracts differ?

Although there are some important exceptions, if the basic elements are present, an oral contract is every bit as valid as a written contract and enforceable in the same way. Continue reading

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What is the difference between an express and implied contract?

A classic example of an implied contract is your legal obligation to pay the bill after you have gone to a restaurant and had a meal. There is no express contract, but the circumstances and conduct create a contractual obligation for you to pay for the food which you ordered. Continue reading

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What options are there in the pre-filing stages of foreclosure?

There are a variety of options during what is called the “pre-filing” stage of foreclosure: repayment plan, reinstatement plan, and loan modification. Continue reading

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