Ethical Quandary?

Need help sorting out an ethical quandary? The members of the CBA Ethics & Professional Responsibility Committee listed below can help you interpret your obligations under the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct. Please note that questions posed should be framed hypothetically and should relate to your own prospective conduct. The committee also accepts requests for written opinions.

May Ethics Hotline Attorneys

  • Joel S. Moskowitz: 513-721-3111
  • Martin S. Pinales: 513-252-2733
  • Lauren M. Solimine: 513-721-9000


Ethics inquiries may also be posed to CBA General Counsel Terry Patterson or Dimity Orlet and Maria Palermo, assistant counsels, at (513) 381-8213.

If you are a non-attorney, please contact the Grievance Department.

Additional Ethics Resources:

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