January 22, 2014

CBA Adopts Updated Mission and Vision Statements

A New Vision for the New Year

After more than ten years with its current mission statement, the Cincinnati Bar Association’s Board of Trustees has adopted new organizational mission and vision statements. The Board of Trustees focused on evaluating the mission of the Bar at their bi-annual retreat in October.

The retreat planning committee with members Erin Alkire, Jodie Drees Ganote, Bill Graf and John Tafaro led the charge. At the retreat, participants broke into groups to separately examine pieces of the former mission statement. The group as a whole focused on condensing the length of the mission to bring focus and clarity to the organization.

“As an organization lives and grows over time, it’s important to reflect upon what we do and why we do it. By refocusing and redefining our mission and vision, we are able to provide better service to our members and focus our efforts on what truly makes the Cincinnati Bar Association the organization of choice for local attorneys,” said Jean Geoppinger McCoy, president, Cincinnati Bar Association.

The mission and vision statements approved at the December Board of Trustees meeting read as follows.

Mission statement

To promote professional excellence, foster justice, serve our members and educate the public.

Vision statement

To be an invaluable resource to our legal community by:

  • encouraging a culture of collegiality and professionalism;
  • providing opportunities for leadership and community service;
  • maintaining a diverse and inclusive membership; and
  • empowering the success of our members.

“Thank you to the retreat planning committee and our Board of Trustees for their careful development and evaluation of these guiding statements. I’m sure they will serve the CBA for years to come,” said McCoy.


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