June 23, 2014

Bureau of Worker’s Compensation Settlement Info

Dear Bar Associations and Members,

In May 2014, the 8th District Court of Appeals upheld a 2013 ruling that the State Bureau of Worker’s Compensation (BWC) had overcharged businesses for workers compensation insurance premiums for over a decade. The Court ordered the BWC to repay more than $860 million dollars to over 250,000 businesses in the State of Ohio.  The full Court of Appeals opinion is quite revealing, especially the first paragraph, and can be found on the Supreme Court of Ohio website:

Many of your association members or firms may be owed restitution under this class action lawsuit.  In order to reach the most number of affected businesses, we request that you please disseminate the below information to your members and other interested parties to let their voice be heard.

Company owners or representatives should log onto and click the ‘Join Us’ header at the top of the page or the “How much are you owed” section at the bottom of the page,  entering their company name as it is registered with the State or their BWC policy #.  Next to the name there will be a join now box to click and fill out the requested information.  Afterwards, a link to Governor Kasich’s office will appear to send the pre-filled letter encouraging him to compel the BWC to pay back the money owed to each policy holder.  Businesses may have multiple policy numbers with the BWC and should complete these steps for each different number.

This is extremely time sensitive, as the BWC has until 30 June 2014 to file an appeal with the State Supreme Court, which would further delay payments.  Please forward this information to all your members to spread the word. A letter to the Governor can also be sent from any concerned citizen, and a link can be found under the “Act Now” heading on the website.

Governor Kasich has said that if there is money due, he will do what he can to help us get it back. This did not start in Governor Kasich’s administration, but he can be the hero and fix it.

If you have any further questions, please contact Barbara Marlowe at

Thank you for your support!



Barbara A. Marlowe

Marketing & Public Relations

Dworken & Bernstein, Co., L.P.A

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