August 21, 2014

ALERT: Local Attorneys Being Targeted by Scam

There is an elaborate scam being perpetrated in the midwest with attorneys as the target.  A Chinese “businessman” wants to purchase a house with cash, enlists a legitimate realtor, enters into a contract to purchase, and then sends a large check to a local attorney to be deposited in a trust account.  The check is drawn on a Canadian Bank but, even after being repeatedly asked by the attorney as to legitimacy of it, a local bank in the Greater Cincinnati area did not realize the check was a forgery for 30 days. 

The Chinese client then begins asking for disbursements from the trust account for various expenses relating to the closing and then for a large disbursement back to him so he can purchase furniture.  Eventually the client forged one of the attorney’s trust checks. 

As always, be very wary of situations like this, particularly when events seem to be moving too fast.

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