August 26, 2014

Update on Registered Land Documents

The Hamilton County Recorder has provided the following notice on Registered Land document recording. **Abolition wil be effective October 3, unless extended further by the Common Please Court.

Hamilton County, Ohio - Registered Land Documents

On August 6, 2014, the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners passed Resolution 25 to abolish Registered Land in Hamilton County.

Effective, Friday September 5, 2014 any Registered Land document presented for recording will be recorded in the traditional recording system pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 5310.50, by the Hamilton County Recorder’s Office.

Standard recording fees will apply - $28 for the first two pages and $8 for each additional page thereafter for most documents.

Instruments for the conveyance or encumbrance of registered land that on and after September 5, 2014, date of implementation, shall be filed in the traditional recording system as provided in sections 5310.41 and 5310.45 of the Ohio Revised Code. No new certificate of title will be issued and documents will be returned after scanning into the Hamilton County Recorder’s Office computer system.

Documents with legal descriptions will be entered, verified and indexed into the Geographical Index (9th Series PDI).

Until there has been a conveyance of the property, in preparing the prior instrument reference on each such instrument of conveyance or encumbrance, the certificate of title that pertains to the land shall be identified as the prior instrument.

The above notice shall not be considered legal advice – The Recorder’s office responsibility is to record not advise or interpret.


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