Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The CBA is committed to embracing and promoting diverse members of the legal community. This includes diversity of its leadership, of its members, and of its staff without limitation to race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, nationality, age, disability, marital or parental status and socio economic background. We believe it is good not only for the profession and for our community as a whole, but it is crucial for enhancing the public's confidence in the judicial system and removing barriers to justice. We commit to continuously working toward creating a more inclusive legal community by:

  • Fostering a stimulating atmosphere where minority and underrepresented lawyers are encouraged to participate and to lead.
  • Setting a standard of commitment to diversity through a systemic and purposeful approach to issues confronting the legal community.
  • Investing in public confidence of the profession, by generating awareness and promoting the impact of diverse backgrounds upon the legal profession.
  • Focusing on and encouraging diversity in the practice of the law.