Build Your Practice with the Lawyer Referral Service

What is the Lawyer Referral Service?

We receive more than 15,000 calls/emails and make around 12,000 referrals per year to the general public in virtually every area of law through our call in service or online web portal.

What does that mean for our members?

LRS members, on average, receive at least one referral per week directly from our service which has earned attorneys an average of $4600 per year. We do the advertising for you through our extensive Google Ads campaign, social media advertising and outreach to community organizations and events.

Interested in Joining?

Please review our rules and regulations to see if your practice is compatible with the Lawyer Referral Service. To see if you qualify please sign in and submit your application here.

Becoming a Part of the LRS

Consider joining the LRS to serve the community and develop and/or expand your practice. To be eligible to serve as a LRS panelist, an attorney must maintain an office separate and distinct from any other business; be actively engaged in the practice of law; carry and continue to carry professional liability insurance in amounts equal to or greater than $100,000 for each claim, with $300,000 aggregate; carry on any relationship with clients in a professional and businesslike manner; and abide by the rules and procedures of the LRS. For general information on the LRS, contact the Cincinnati Bar Association at (513) 381-8359 or contact us.

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