CBA Report Articles

September/October CBA Report

  • CBA Next
  • Reproductive Legal Landscape
  • Personal Data Tracking
  • Consumer Privacy

July/August CBA Report

  • VLP Celebrates 40 Years
  • P&G's New Scholarship
  • Chat with IP Chairs
  • CBA's 150th Celebration

May/June CBA Report

  • Evolution of Bike Laws
  • Trial Advocacy Institute
  • Client in Crisis: To Talk or Not to Talk
  • The Professional, the Justice, and the Textbook

March/April CBA Report

  • President's Farewell
  • Data Privacy in 2022
  • CBA In Service
  • Mock Trial

January/February CBA Report

  • CBA Celebrates 150 Years
  • Podcasts for the Listening Lawyer
  • Workplace Wearables
  • Chat with Healthcare Co-Chairs

November/December CBA Report

  • Workplace Vaccine Mandates
  • ADR Preparation Measures
  • Common Pleas Rules Change
  • Investing for Justice

September/October CBA Report

  • Lawyers Connecting Beyond the Law
  • Digital Nomads
  • Online Advertising Regulations
  • Reductions on a Property’s Taxable Value

July/August 2021 CBA Report

  • Confronting cognitive dissonance
  • Civil Rules Amendments
  • OIP Fellowship
  • Legal Malpractice Claims

May/June 2021 CBA Report

  • First District Unveils New Pro Bono Program
  • Safeguarding The Public Fisc
  • Artificial Intelligence in Construction
  • KEYS to a Future Without Youth Homelessness

March/April 2021 CBA Report

  • Reflections on a Career
  • Top 10 Professionalism Tips
  • Nothing But The Truth?
  • Chat with the Chair: Kimberlee Erdman Rohr,

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