Cincinnati Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution

Cincinnati Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (CBADR) is an all-inclusive ADR service that offers experienced neutrals, in-depth rules for arbitration and mediation as well as expedited options that are administered at the Cincinnati Bar Association to help resolve disputes in an efficient, expeditious and cost-effective manner.


With no upfront cost to the parties a mediation request can be submitted easily and risk free to receive a list of experienced mediators in the appropriate field of law. CBADR can help get your mediation off the ground by assisting in conflict checks and availability within your time frame


Traditional Arbitration

$500 Filing Fee | $500 Counterclaim Filing Fee
CBADR offers a panel of experienced arbitrators that can help you and/or your clients reach a resolution to their dispute. CBADR offers arbitrators in all applicable areas of law along with a comprehensive set

Employment Case Procedures & Discovery Protocols

$500 Filing Fee | $500 Counterclaim Filing Fee
Parties have the option to use this specific set of protocols for employment law cases to aid in efficient and expeditious resolutions to these disputes.

Expedited Arbitration

$500 Filing Fee | $500 Counterclaim Filing Fee
This expeditious option to Arbitration allows for a resolution within three months after appointment of the arbitrator and has a cap on arbitrator fees so they will not exceed $10,000.

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