Lawyer Referral Service Programs

Lawyer Referral Service Modest Means Program (LRS MMP)

This program will help “bridge the gap” for those individuals who do not qualify for indigent legal aid, pro bono programs or any other no/low cost legal services or those who cannot afford to pay current market rate for attorney’s fees. The LRS MMP will not cover all areas of the law. Since there is such a wide span between market rate for attorneys and the rates charged by Legal Aid and Public Defenders, we’re hoping to provide services for those individuals who would not normally be able to afford legal representation.
Qualify for Modest Means

Attorneys for the Marginally Indigent (AMI) 

There are a large number of defendants who are marginally indigent, that is, their income or assets are large enough to prevent their being classed technically as indigents entitled to legal services at public expense through the public defender’s office, but for all practical purposes, they don’t have sufficient assets to enable them to retain their own attorney.

It is the purpose of the AMI Program to enable such defendants to obtain legal representation for which they are able to pay, while at the same time reducing burdens involved in representation at public expense.  The AMI Program covers criminal cases only.

In order to qualify for the AMI Program, clients must first contact the Public Defender’s office at (513) 946-3700.

If you have questions regarding this program, please contact the Lawyer Referral Service at (513) 381-8359.

LRS Community Programs

Partners in the Community (PIC) - Now You're 18 Program 
This program is geared toward high school seniors who are or will turn 18 before graduation. Most high school seniors are not fully aware of the legal ramifications they will face when turning 18. The PIC program addresses those issues.

The premise of this program is to educate high school seniors on both criminal and contractual law issues. The first part of the program deals with criminal law issues such as DUI, date rape, drug-related issues, and parenting and child support. The second part of the program consists of consumer credit issues such as credit cards, loans and consumer issues, i.e., apartment leases, consumer protection, voting, jury duty and military service. We provide one of our panel attorneys to conduct the program in a group or assembly format.

If you would like more information about this program or would like the PIC Program to come to your school, contact LRS.

You and the Legal System 
The Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) works in conjunction with the Hamilton County Law Library to offer this free program to the public. We offer one-hour legal seminars once a month at the Hamilton County Law Library located on the sixth floor of the Hamilton County Courthouse. During this time a qualified attorney will speak on a specific topic and open the floor for questions from attendees.
For a list of topics and dates, visit the Hamilton County Law Library. In order to sign up to attend, please contact the Law Library at (513) 946-5300.