CBA Judicial Poll by Raymond Faller


The Cincinnati Bar Association is undertaking its annual member poll regarding the Hamilton County judicial candidates in the upcoming November election. It’s extremely important that the attorneys who have interacted with these judges and/or know the candidates participate in the poll.


For the most part, the general public doesn’t know much about specific judges. Most people only learn about them through the media, when a judge handles a high-profile trial. Some people know of one or two judges through jury service. Others may know a judge after participating in a lawsuit or criminal case. However, attorneys have regular contact with judicial candidates and know them well, which makes them valuable resources with critical information. We need those attorneys to take the poll and share their professional perspective.


As the head of the Hamilton County Public Defender’s Office, I can assure you that our attorneys are in court and in front of judges on a daily basis. With this opportunity for direct interaction, they come to know the judges well. Many of the attorneys also know the candidates who are challenging the incumbents. However, judges aren’t elected just by attorneys. They’re also elected by the voting public.


We need attorneys to share their perspectives about judges with the public so that the most informed decisions can be made on election day. Participating in the CBA poll is an excellent way to do this.  


I urge all of you to complete the survey. It will give the public key insights into the quality of people sitting on the bench in Hamilton County. After all, it’s those of you who practice before those judges who will benefit.