New: CBA Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Practice Group

May 20, 2020

New: CBA Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Practice Group
By David Oberly

Today, data is commonly referred to as the “new oil”—a significant, largely untapped resource with the potential to drastically change the world. Data has become a central tool in our society today, and powers many of the businesses that have become staples in the American marketplace.

At the same time, the ability of companies to use data in a safe and responsible manner has become a paramount concern for consumers, legislators, and regulators alike. Lawmakers across the nation have responded by enacting regulation to force companies to tighten up their data privacy and data security practices. In the coming months and years, privacy laws in the United States are anticipated to proliferate as more states enact new laws regarding how companies use sensitive personal data.

This steady increase in privacy regulation has created tremendous demand for cybersecurity and privacy legal services in the United States. The legal profession has taken note, with firms across the country now seizing the opportunity to create and develop focused, dedicated cybersecurity and data privacy practice groups.

With the addition of cybersecurity and data privacy practices into the mainstream of the legal profession, the CBA’s Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Practice Group (“CBA Cyber Practice Group”) has been created to provide a critical and necessary space to advance the professional careers of Cincinnati lawyers who practice in this rapidly growing area of law.

The mission and purpose of the Cyber Practice Group is to enhance and further the knowledge, abilities, and professionalism of Cincinnati cybersecurity and data privacy legal professionals by providing area attorneys and in-house counsel with programs, resources, and information that is directly applicable to members’ individual practices, as well as opportunities to network and engage with others in the Cincinnati legal community.

The Cyber Practice Group is dedicated to improving its membership’s professional careers through the availability of a range of educational and instructional written resources, CLEs and seminars, and the opportunity to inform colleagues and the public through publication and speaking engagements. Membership in the Cyber Practice Group also provides exceptional opportunities to network with other attorneys, potential clients, industry professionals, and members of the judiciary.

Ultimately, the Cyber Practice Group will allow CBA members who are currently practicing in this area of law to grow and advance their practices, while at the same time enabling those members who are interested in expanding into this area of law to make the transition to actively practicing in this space.


Interested in joining the group? Log in to your account at cincybar.org, click "My Committees & Groups", and select "Update Groups & Committees". More information on the Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Practice Group can be found here.

David J. Oberly is an attorney in the Cincinnati office of Blank Rome LLP and is a member of the firm’s Cybersecurity & Data Privacy and Privacy Class Action Defense groups. Oberly’s practice encompasses both counseling and advising sophisticated clients on a wide range of cybersecurity, data privacy, and biometric privacy matters, as well as representing clients in the defense of privacy and biometric privacy class action litigation. He can be reached at doberly@blankrome.com.