Mindfulness Series in October

Sep 1, 2020

By Tabitha Hochscheid, Hochscheid & Associates LLC
Health & Well Being Committee Chair

The CBA is proud to present a four-part series aimed at coping skills for the current COVID-19 environment and onward. Mindfulness training for our current crisis will give us skills to use when life returns to “normal.”

Daily life is full of stressful situations and COVID-19 has ramped up the pressure to get things done while the world shifts around us. It’s overwhelming trying to figure out how to work from home, manage childcare, care for elderly parents, and worry about what lies ahead. The coronavirus is challenging us all. Lawyers need to be at our best for our clients, families, and others who depend on us. Being prepared for what life throws at us begins with taking care of ourselves.

The current work and home adjustments caused by COVID-19 require tools which increase coping to keep individuals and work-forces healthy and positive-minded.

Mindfulness Can Help

Mindfulness is a simple mental practice that introduces a calmer, more satisfying mode of being. This mental training, derived from ancient techniques and validated by modern science, offers an alternative to habits of worry, anxiety, and frustration.

Mindfulness can enhance a host of competencies related to lawyer effectiveness and well-being, including:
• increased focus and concentration
• improved cognitive skills, such as working memory
• greater emotional resilience
• enhanced interpersonal skills
• reduced burnout
• reduced stress and anxiety
• more ethical and rational decision-making

Mindfulness Sessions for Lawyers During COVID-19
What to Expect

Four 50-minute sessions:
• Oct. 5
• Oct. 12
• Oct. 19
• Oct. 26

Each session will include:
• Brief, evidence-based presentation introducing the benefits, evidentiary foundation, and brain science for the techniques and practices taught
• Guided experientials
• Instruction on direct application of these techniques into daily life
• Q&A

These sessions are designed to complement each other but stand alone.

Weekly Topics will be:
• Uncertainty: Managing unknowns and uncertainty while remaining focused and productive in the present moment
• Relationships: Remaining calm and centered in relationships for yourself and to support others personally and professionally
• Thriving: Learning how to thrive while avoiding burnout
• Focus and Performance: Maintaining a high level of performance for future experiences while reformulating goals

All participants will receive MP3 recording of guided practices and follow-up information for self-practice.