David L. Barth

Jan 7, 2021

 1954 – 2020

Cors & Bassett lost a dear friend and family member on August 5, 2020, when David L. Barth left this earth for his well-earned reward. Dave first came to our firm back in 1978 while still a law student at Chase Law School and working nights at the Queen City Club. He was brought to the firm by Paul R. Moran, a fiery labor lawyer in his own right, who mentored Dave and several others of us at the firm. Dave later became a partner in 1988. 

Alongside Paul, Dave became an outstanding labor, employment and litigation attorney who was well known and respected on both sides of the river. Dave excelled in his writing and analytical skills; no doubt aided by his study of classical literature in the rigorous Honors AB program at Xavier University. 

In 1999, Dave became the managing partner of our firm and held that position until his retirement in June of 2015. In today’s world, the managing partners of law firms frequently come from the corporate and business side of the house. Not so with Dave. As a litigation lawyer with his Covington Latin School and Xavier background, he brought a much different and refreshing viewpoint to the managing partner office, a type of caring and reasoned approach to the business of the practice of law. At the firm’s annual dinner party, Dave’s keen sense of humor was on full display as he delivered his state of the firm address. Dave’s humorous monologue was always the highlight of the dinner party. 

Despite the demands of being a managing partner, Dave always had time to listen and provide advice and always took the time to wish all of us and our families the very best before every holiday. And as we all know how stressful the practice of law can be, he invented in our firm what became known as, and what is still known today as, the “impromptu”…a spontaneous gathering for snacks and adult beverages at the end of the day, for everyone in the office. A tradition that lives on at our firm when things get hectic and tempers are on edge.


Although Dave’s achievements as an attorney were great and his leadership was tremendous, where he was truly at his best was with his faith, family and in the community. A life-long resident of Northern Kentucky and one of 11 siblings, Dave never went anywhere that he didn’t see someone he knew. As a true-blue Xavier basketball fan, he had center court seats for many years and never missed an opportunity to espouse the greatness of Xavier basketball…especially to the UC and UK fans in the office. He was active in his parish and embodied his Catholic faith ideals of kindness and charity. Most importantly, he was a wonderful family man who cherished his loving wife, Molly, and three children, Sarah, Clay and Graham, all of whom continue to be members today of our extended C&B family. 

The practice of law can be a stressful and trying way to make a living. Dave endeavored to lift us above the struggle, to teach us to care for each other, to show compassion and to treat each other with respect and kindness. We are better for that and his efforts.


Godspeed my friend.

— Stephen S. Holmes and Robert J. Hollingsworth