Well-Being Week in Law: Day 5

May 6, 2021

Well-Being Week in Law 2021
Day 5: Feel Well | Emotional Well-Being
By Amy Kurlansky

Today is the last day of the national Well-Being Week in Law, May 3-7, 2021. Well-Being Week in Law began in 2020 as an initiative of the Institute for Well-Being in Law. The institute defines Well-Being in Law as “a continuous process in which we strive for thriving in each dimension of our lives.”

Friday—Feel Well
Emotional Well-Being

Valuing emotions. Developing an ability to identify and manage emotions for health, to achieve goals, and to inform decisions. Seeking help for mental health when needed.

How to participate in Well-Being Week today?
It seems to be that “feeling well” is the culmination of all of the other aspects of well-being. When we have proper sleep, rest, nutrition, stress-reduction, alignment, enrichment, and social connection, then, ideally, we feel well.

But, sometimes, I know that stress creeps up. Creeps in the day and can—well, wreck it. And, when that happens, I have learned to take a “minute”. To close my eyes, take a breath, try to tune out the world, and let the air out—slowly—to reset my amygdala. I don’t know all the science of it, or the mechanics of it, but, I just know that when I feel stressed, or overwhelmed with negative thoughts or “self-talk”, taking that moment, taking that breath, just helps.

It is almost like a reset button.

And, it always works. For me, blaring music, or sitting in the car at the end of a long day challenging my inner Elphaba (it’s a Wicked reference, if you don’t know Broadway. And, why would anyone not know Broadway?!) also helps.

But, just—being. Not thinking, not solving anyone’s unsolvable problem, not finishing the last paragraph of a project, not filing “just one more” thing—just being. They call it mindfulness, being in the present moment. Not thinking about what needs to be done (future) or should have been done better/differently/or not at all (past), but right now.

I mentioned this earlier in the week, but, last fall, I participated in the CBA Health & Well-Being mindfulness program with UC. It was so amazing, and I know that Tabitha is working on the second series.

And, I can’t wait. But, until then, you can check out the following programs on mindfulness, and taking that first breath.

Might I suggest:
Mindfulness, Resilience, and Productivity in the Time of the COVID-19: Uncertainty
Breathe Deep: Practicing Meditation and Mindfulness During Crisis
Mindfulness Strategies for Improved Productivity, Focus, and Overall Well Being
Just Breathe—Optimizing the Attorney through Breath and Posture
Make Your Moments Count, the Mindful Attorney: Reducing Stress

Thank you for participating in Well-Being Week in Law with the CBA Health and Well-Being Committee!

Have a wonderful weekend,