Women Lawyers


The Women Lawyers Section of the Cincinnati Bar Association creates opportunities for professional and personal connections among women engaged in the legal profession; provides training and philanthropic opportunities for its members and other members of the bar; and serves as a presence and voice for women attorneys in the community.


Give your Career a Voice

Voice brings together attorneys at various stages of their career from the new attorney to the experienced veteran to discuss issues relating to developing and thriving in the practice of law.


In memory of Judge Julia A. Stautberg, the Women Lawyers Section will present this Award to a female CBA member attorney for exemplary service. Through her accomplishments in 2016, the honoree reflects the principles, integrity and professionalism of Judge Stautberg. Judge Stautberg served as a Hamilton County Municipal Judge and was the sixth woman President of the Cincinnati Bar Association. In all of her work as a leader of both the legal community and the community at large, Judge Stautberg fostered and maintained the honor and highest integrity of the legal profession. She sought to improve the quality of justice for women; promoted access to justice for women; was a constant mentor to young female attorneys; and always promoted knowledge of the law for all.

Congratulations to the 2019 Honoree, Rhonda Y. Moore!


The Voice Award is presented to a female CBA member attorney, under 40 for exemplary service. Through her distinguished service, the honoree has made significant contributions to the legal/general community and reflects the highest principles of legal profession.

Congratulations to the 2019 Honoree, Wednesday, G. Shipp!


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